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3-week summer workshop


Ages 7 and up


Date start & end:

July 10th - July 27th



Wednesday - Saturday



Wednesday – Friday from 2pm - 5pm

Saturday from 12pm - 3pm


3 hrs./day

12 hrs./wk.

36 hrs. total for: S250/student for all 3 weeks total

A 58% discount!


Send an inquiry via our inquiry page

Or call Mr. Robert directly at 646-591-7107

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Welcome to Visual Abstract Dance Academy

A Ballet Academy that offers a complete program for the young dancer.


Visual Abstract Dance Academy is an innovative ballet – based dance school that utilizes performance and workshop opportunities to enhance the minds of young performing artists residing in under-exposed communities. As we nurture our youth with the art of storytelling, it is our goal to provide them with the finest educational opportunities to become the professional performers of tomorrow and/or to utilize their training towards any goal they seek to attain. 

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